This Policy of Confidentiality is an integral part of point 1 Policy of Confidentiality of The General terms and Conditions of Usage of On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005


1.1. Personal data: The data you give in the process of making your order are used only to do an efficient delivery and to inform you about any changes in its status. These data are not used in any way to violate the current laws in effect in The Republic of Bulgaria.
Your personal data could be transferred to a third party in accordance with point 3 from the Terms and conditions of payment so that any declined/ returned payment of a completed delivery could be restored.

1.2. Correspondence: On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 reserves its right to keep all the correspondence with you for an unlimited period of time and to use it as its discretion in order to defend its interests.

1.3. Payment information: The credit/debit data you give in the process of making an order are not processed and kept in our servers. Their security is guaranteed by our partner bank and corresponds to the current PCI standards.

1.4. Information security:The security of the information you give in On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 is guaranteed with a SSL certificate, with 128 bit encryption
The payment data you put in our site are transferred to our partner bank to be processed without being processed and kept in our server. On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 follows the PCI standards very strictly.

1.5. Cookies:The site uses cookies to work properly. They keep information about your language preference, the currency you have chosen, etc. This information is encrypted and inaccessible to anyone, even to us. By using the site you agree with our Policy of Confidentiality.


It is not the intention of On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 to receive any confidential information from you from this site.

All the materials, information and other messages, shown or sent from this site will be considered non-confidential without any right to a business activity.

Our work with the personal data which you could send to On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 if you want to receive our products or services offered in this site is under the Personal data protection law. You do not have the right to show or send from this site any illegal, offensive, calumnious, obscene, pornographic or other information which violates the current laws.

On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 uses the personal data in order to have a better idea of your demands and interest so that it could do the most efficient service to you.

In certain cases we use the data you have sent in order to help you make a particular order or to complete a particular transaction, to be in contact with you, to inform you about our products, services and offers, to personalize discount offers.

We do not sell, rent, lease or expose in any other way the personal data you have sent to a third party.
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On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 has not control over these sites and has not responsibility for any of them and their content. Thus, On-line shop for work wear DIGIT-2005 does not refer to or recommend any of these sites to a third party. Neither does it do it with the information in them. Visiting any of these sites is entirely at your own risk and responsibility.