Welcome to our online store DIGIT-2005 - the Bulgarian manufacturer of uniform and work wear. With us you will find quality, care and safety!

"DIGIT-2005" Ltd. is known on the Bulgarian market in the field of production and trade of work wear and uniform clothing, work shoes, specific safety equipment and personal protective equipment for safe work. The company has a long history behind it, expanding its market position throughout its existence.

In order to successfully develop its production and trade activities, "DIGIT-2005" Ltd. has an excellent material and technical base - production workshop and warehouses. The company's production respond to all European and Bulgarian requirements, regulations and norms, and is equipped with some of the most modern and high-tech machines. The company also owns a company shop with a showroom. Logistics is carried out throughout the country through the services of specialized logistics companies.

"DIGIT-2005" Ltd. has a wide range of products with guaranteed quality, respond to Bulgarian and European standards for safety. The company also distributes the products of large and world-famous companies and brands.

DIGIT 2005 Ltd. has a website and on-line store for workwear and PPE /www.digit-2005.com/, providing the entire catalog of products offered by the company, in order to facilitate the selection and ordering of customers, as in the country and beyond. At the request of the client, the company produces inscriptions and emblems with screen printing or embroidery.

With the large range of products it offers to the attention of the industrial market in Bulgaria, Digit-2005 Ltd. manages to satisfy the most specific requirements of the client.

Make the right choice - choose DIGIT-2005!